You Help Me Make It ~ Here Is Where You Come In

by Terri Danner
(Livermore, CA USA)

I will be 56 soon and have been unemployed for over a year and a half. I wasn't really sad to have to leave my job because it was a job I never cared for. I had two jobs in the same industry for almost 37 years, from the summer before my senior year of high school. Even though I did not like the job I missed only 8 sick days in that 37 years and was late only 3 times, twice because of flooding and once from being rearended. One year I actually lost more vacation (because I was maxed out and could accumulate no more) than I took. So as you can see I was a great employee even though it was a struggle to walk out that door every day.

After getting laid off I went back to school did the two semesters unemployment would allow, with a 4.0 by the way and now I am looking for work.

Here is where you come in, help me decide what kind of job (that I could actually get) I would be good at ~ I want to help others, I am a slow learner but once I get it I have it, I am always thinking up the solution to problems and once won an award for most suggestions in the suggestion box. I am probably one of the most patient and understanding people you might meet and anybody who knows me would agree. People always come to me with their problems, and I am very good at helping them. When I had money I was always good at finding the bargin, I would often start shopping for Christmas in January, who could pass up a $65 dress for your sister-in-law that you purchased for $4 ;o) I am great at finding deals for people all through the year, be it on the internet, at the grocery store, you name it.

Ok, so what would a great job be for me?????

Thanks for the help, Oh P.S. It needs to be a low stress job, the last 37 years were high, high, high stress and I just can't do that any longer.

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