Work from Home and Be My Own Boss

by T.J.
(Brooklyn, Connecticut)

I'm only 47 and will soon be retiring from the military as well as federal civil service on a medical disability retirement after 25 yrs of service. I've also been commuting 120 miles round trip to and from work by car for the last 17 of those 25 yrs and I'm extremely tired of the drive.

Since the military is the only real job or lifestyle I've ever had, I don't feel like I'd fit into the normal civilian "ratrace", nor do I really want to try. Since I'll be receiving a decent monthly annuity check, I don't have the stress of feeling like I have to find another full time job making as much as I'm making now, but I still need to supplement my monthly annuity. Another plus is I also get to keep my federal employee medical insurance.

My dream retirement job would be creating my own business and working from home.

I love animals (Maybe a dog walker or pet-sitter?), and the elderly (Maybe a day time companion or driver/chauffeur?).

I love researching subjects on the Internet and consider myself a self-taught, semi-expert in Microsoft PowerPoint. (I've considered a business of offering my services to create PowerPoint slideshows for those who consider themselves "computer illiterate"). But I've also had a creative and artistic streak in me since childhood that I haven't really had the time to expand or explore.

My ultimate dream job would be making a living selling things I've made or created.

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Jul 22, 2011
Heres an idea
by: Jackie


Why dont you sell your services on Fiverr to start with and then it could take off from there?

Just a thought

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