Wedding/Event Band, Humane Society, Vegan Chef, Senior Oral History Recorder, Guidance Counselor for Youth

by MKK
(Seattle WA)

I'd like to perform in a wedding/event band. Favorites that make people get up and dance, and a few that make them cry. : )Sneak a few originals in there too ; ) Corporate events too. There is nothing funner, and funnier, than starting out the evening with everyone very polite and by the end you have a rip roaring party with everyone dancing : )Memorable evenings people talk about for years and refer you by word of mouth.

I'd also like to work with the local humane society. Larger dogs scare me (I've been bit) but a cat shelter would fit me great. I am on my way to being a "crazy cat lady." ; ) I was always worried that I shouldn't do it when I had a kitty at home because I might bring home a diseases from the shelter kitties to my kitty. But if I work at a shelter I can help many kitties and not worry about that, and also be able to travel if I like.

I am working toward being close to vegan (no-kill chickens, shellfish but not fish, etc.) and want to teach some cooking classes or even have a little 4 table cafe' where I can feed people delicious and humane food (open 10-3 for the lunch crowd, or 4-late for the dinner crowd - let local artists hang their art on the walls and perform their music on a little stage). Working in a local little grocery store, post office, cafe' etc in a quite small town would be a great way to get to know everyone (or, a neighborhood within a larger town/city). More rural environment would be preferable (lower cost of living and company only when you want it - go into town, invite people over - or delightful surprise visitors, even people stopping by throughout the day, but not neighbors constantly next door, noise, etc.)Also thinking about a vegan mobile cafe that would hit various festivals, concerts etc around the region or even just parked in (a) place(s) in my local community.

I worked for a summer in a nursing home, and the people there were so happy to chat with you and tell you their stories. I once read a book where a lady went through her local nursing home writing up the stories of everyone who wanted to share their story. This was in North Dakota and at the time she wrote the book, many had come out and homesteaded with their families earlier in their life. I'd like to record some of the history of my area and people who lived here for decades, or grew up elsewhere and their travels through life before they retired here.

I also think that I would like to volunteer at my local high school in the "career center." Our was understaffed and underused. The kids were drifting and not sure what to do. The rich ones were pressured into high status jobs and university, the poor ones thought they would be rockstars. Both sides just ended up petering out and at loose ends (didn't get into law school, didn't get signed to a label, etc.). My goal would be to help kids find what they are most interested in and likely to do well in and help them pursue that, whether the schooling is short term, long term, blue collar, white collar, or whatever, as long as it leads them to a satisfying life that pays the bills.

I wouldn't mind living in a lighthouse, there are some short little cute stubby ones without too many stairs. : ) Twinkling sunlight and far views would be great, I have lived among shady 100 foot trees most of my life (outside of Seattle) and while it is beautiful it can be a bit claustrophobic and very hard to get some sun. Sunny prairie or open country would be fine too.

I intend to grow organic food and have solar panels, a little trailer or even a sailboat would be enough to live. There are some little islands only accessible by private boat, land is cheaper for that reason and you can have a small off grid property but still be able to get in to the mainland or other islands or peninsulas with your boat.

I also believe in environmental causes and would advocate if in my community there was an environmental cause that was somehow getting under the radar and was going to hurt people or the environment (industrial pollution, etc). Not everyone has time to do that.

Thinking about an "un-church" which would basically run like a church but totally non-religious yet have good speakers on motivational topics and all the good stuff that church provides, without having to profess faith in one or another prophet, doctrine,etc. Even complete atheists would be welcome for the fellowship and to be among people who are trying to do the right things and know their neighbors. Free room where people put their stuff they don't need, a daycare, summer camp, after school kids club, teens club, young adult club, singles club, young marrieds club, young parents club, etc.

I'm not an older retiree, I'm actually pretty young but I have had MS for several years (Seattle has highest rate of MS in the nation and they still don't know why) so this very well could be my retirement and I am learning to treat it as such, do the things that are important to me. My health is poor but if I can do a few things that are on the bucket list, including any that I listed above that are important to me, that is fine.

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