walmart greeter

by Chrles Fundermark
(Fort Myers Florida,33919)

Self employed in 2 businesses in the past 40 years and built them both from the ground up. the latest was Chuck's Whiskey creek service at 11401 Mcgregor Blvd.Fort Myers,Florida 33919.It was auto repair,towingautoclubs and policegas pumps and convience store from 01/78 to 07/09 quite succesfull.Prior to that was Richfield Service Center at3924 Broadview rd. Ricfield Ohio from March 1969 to may 1977. it was auto repair,huge towingauto clubs and all lawenforcementand gaspumps.prior to that i was an oil rep.heving about 30to 35 dealers al the time in Cleaveland Ohio [quite succesfull.I throughly enjoy meeting,helping and talking to people.

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