Teacher Retirement

I retired from teaching in Texas private and public schools in 2000. I am now enjoying my teacher retirement having a part time job with a flexible schedule.

Linda enjoying being a grandmother


My husband, John, still works full time, but we are planning our full retirement and relocation in about two years.

During my employment with Texas public schools, I contributed to the Texas Retirement System (TRS). I also have enough quarters in Social Security to qualify. However, as TRS contributors know, my TRS annuity and Social Security benefits are in conflict and I can’t count on full benefits from either system.

Therefore, John and I have investigated how to earn a good income and still have flexible schedules after full retirement. The answer we found is to establish an Internet business, which will both generate income for us and guide other Boomer retirees, especially retired teachers, in how to set up and sustain an Internet business.

As a retired teacher, you know that a fun job with a flexible schedule would be the ideal way to make the desired supplemental retirement income that you may need during your retirement.

I invite you to read the information on our site and explore the many using your computer and the Internet. This retirement job can create that supplemental retirement income that will give you a fun job and peace of mind in your retirement.

As a retired teacher, you will appreciate that we have created a study guide on how to learn the information from this site. If an online job appeals to you, click the following link to go to the study guide and continue your education.

Click here to go to the teacher retirement study guide

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