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Here’s how a person with little or no Internet experience builds a website

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For you to understand how I found the way for you to build your retirement job website without any prior experience, let me tell you my story.  

Stay with me since this is the most important information you will get about building your own website.  

When I decided to make my future retirement job helping other retirees on the Internet, I was concerned how I could help retirees build their own websites.  At that time, I did not know about Site Build It.  All of the thirty plus websites I had previously built used Microsoft Front Page (a software package for building websites).  I then uploaded them to the web host using FTP (file transfer protocol).  This is the standard method for building websites on the Net.  

The Front Page method requires knowledge of HTML (programming language for web pages) and requires knowledge of how the Internet works and how a website should be built.  

I knew what I needed to help retirees was a method of building a website which required no HTML knowledge.  The method would have to lead the retiree through the entire process of researching the market, picking the keywords (words used by the Google to find websites), planning the website, picking the correct domain name for the keywords, building the website, and maintaining the website.  

I thought to myself, “I will never find anything on the Net that does all this”.  

?Site Build It Logo

However, as I performed the research to find a web host that might come close to providing these services, to my pleasant surprise, I discovered Site Build It.

Site Build It sounded too good to be true.  You know the saying “if it looks too good to be true, it usually is”.  I was naturally suspicious since there are so many scams on the Internet.  

I studied SBI for a long time and could not believe it actually did what it claimed to do.  It had all the functions in it that an inexperienced person needed to build a website and MORE.  

I decided the only way I could really evaluate Site Build It (SBI) was to purchase it and build a website with it.  To properly evaluate it, I would use the very basic SBI methods that an inexperienced person would use.  

Well, this website you are reading is that test Site Build It website.

Within four months, Retirement Jobs (RJO) was on the first page of Google search results for the very competitive keyword “retirement jobs”.  It currently fluctuates between second and sixth for the keyword “retirement jobs” on Google (depending on how Google feels that day).  RJO is also ranked on and Live Search.  It also rates high for the keywords “jobs for retirees” and several other retirement jobs keyword variations.  

Retirement Jobs - Google # 2  

Once the website was built, SBI automatically performed many of the mundane maintenance chores necessary to keep the website ranked high in the search engine rankings.  

I am satisfied to be in the 2 – 6 position on Google since the number one site is held by a well run company with a full staff to run its advertising and guard its number one position on Google.  When you consider that I am a one man show managing this website in my spare time, I think I have accomplished a lot.  

And the main reason for my success is Site Build It.  

Bottom Line  

The bottom line of this story is that I tested SBI on the very basic level simulating a retiree with no Internet experience.  It worked better than advertised.  I am now making money from it.  

If you know enough about the Internet to send and receive email and you can use a search engine (you probably used a search engine to find this website), you can build a successful Site Build It website.  

Should I try it?  

You think to yourself, “This is a sales pitch”.  Yes, I admit it is.  But it is one that is made with significant personal research to back it up.  The RJO website currently has 62 pages that I built in my experiment to evaluate SBI so I certainly expended the necessary effort to prove that it will work for you.John Howe

I personally recommend SBI for your future website.  I stake my personal reputation on my recommendation.  If you go to the About Us page on this website, there is a statement about our personal ethical standards.  What other website have you seen the webmasters post ethical standards?

SBI Guarantee

SBI knows that people have doubts so it gives a 30-day no-questions-asked refund.  If you start with SBI and find it is not what you thought it would be, notify SBI within 30 days and you get all your money back.  After 30 days, the refund is prorated over one year.  And you get to keep the domain name that is included in the SBI fee.  

This is your chance to test drive SBI with no risk.  The process to research your market, select your domain name and start to build your website will take less than 30 days.  This will give you ample time to evaluate SBI and make your decision to not proceed or to “go for it”.  

Take a free look – you have nothing to lose  

In addition to the guarantee giving you a free look, SBI permits you see all the instructions and steps that you follow to build your website.  These are presented in text or video (in either male or female voice).  By reading and/or viewing these instructions, you can see how easy it is to follow the instructions to build that great website that you always dreamed about.  

The Action Guide will show you exactly what steps to take to build that successful website.  You will also see examples of the world class tools that SBI provides to you to help you accomplish your goals.  Even if you do not use SBI, the Action Guide is a great lesson on the process and steps to follow to build a great website.  

The following picture is the SBI Action Guide Page.  The links to the videos are on the top left and the links to the text instructions are on the top right as I have noted.  

Site Build It Action Guide

To get the most out of your study of the information in the guide, I recommend that you print the written instructions and then follow them as you watch and listen to the video.  I can tell you from personal experience that I still have my original printed instructions and they are covered with notes and highlighter.  

There are many pages of instructions so be prepared to print a book.  Make certain that you have a good supply of paper.  You think, “I don’t want to print a book”.  Well, think about it, how will you with little or no Internet experience learn to build a successful website without reading a book?  And you use it to follow along with the video that explains the same material.  

Also, I will personally answer any questions that you might have about SBI.  Use the contact form at the bottom of this page for our initial contact.  I will then provide you with my direct email address and telephone number for future communication.  

Finally, if you really want to build your website, but you are hesitant to start on your own without some coaching, just call me “coach”.  

I will coach you if you buy your Site Build It website directly from me.  SBI permits webmasters to sell their services along with a Site Build It site.  If you are interested in this, contact me (using the contact form) and we can discuss it.  

My coaching is free to you if you buy your SBI website from me.

And now you are ready. 

Go to the Site Build It Action Guide to get started.  

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