SendOutCards - Online Company, In Demand Service, Fun to DO!

by Diana Ratliff
(Columbia, MO, USA)

I don't want to start from scratch, re-invent the wheel, or gamble on a product, website or service that may or may not sell. Been there, done that! I've been marketing online for years, have multiple websites - but am getting tired of keeping them updated, writing ezine articles, etc.

I do want something that's profitable, inexpensive to start and run, fun to do, that I can do online and locally, and that's totally flexible time-wise, so my husband and I can travel.

I'm now with a company called Send Out Cards, a web-based greeting card company that's used by many business people as an easy way to stay in touch with customers and friends - and LOVE IT. Think it's an ideal retirement dream job for me.

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Aug 17, 2010
Your Husband's Excercise book
by: Anonymous

I believe you sold a softback exercise book around 1995-1997 (through the postal mail), that your husband (a sports coach) did help you write.

I have lost it somehow, and would love to follow his exercises again. I found the marketer's link from the Friend's in Business(FIB) website, which I do believe may have been your link.

If I am correct, please let me know how if possible, I would be able to purchase this book (pdf download, is okay) from you.

If you are not the person I'm thinking of, do you remember this person/marketer? If so, please advise me, if not, I am very sorry to take your time.

Thank you for your time,

Paula Bergman

Oct 28, 2009
Send Out Carsd
by: Diana

Pam, please contact me privately, - thanks!

Oct 28, 2009
Reply to SendOutCards
by: Pam

Hi, I'm a 57 year old Operating Room Nurse. The intense physical, mental and emotional increases over the past couple of years is an awakening for me of the fact that I will soon not be able to keep up with these demands. I am searching for something to do from home in my Office. If you could share with me, the way to access this same opportunity, it will be greatly appreciated. It sounds fun and flexible. Please advise at your convenience. Thanks, sincerely, Pam.

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