Selling Others Products or Services


Selling others products or services, makes you an “affiliate” on the Internet. created the first major affiliate program and this triggered the tremendous growth of affiliate programs and of the companies that support these programs.

This section about affiliates is in my opinion the most important part of your Internet education.

I would venture that you can find an affiliate program for almost anything that is sold on the Internet today.

We have created an extensive education for you to learn about affiliate programs.

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Sell Advertising

You can create a website, a blog, or an eZine and sell advertising.

In the publishing section of this site, we have discussed websites, blogs, and eZines. We have also discussed the Google Adsense program and how it works.

With Google Adsense on your website or blog, you are selling advertising. You are paid if someone clicks on the ad on your site.

You can also sell advertising space on the blog, website, or in your ezine. There are ezine directories in which you can register your ezine and people will contact you about placing ads in your ezine.

This wraps your Internet education of the overview of the various ways that you can make money on the Internet selling others products or services.

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