Retirement Jobs - Tour Guide

Retirement Jobs - Tour Guide

A tour guide is a great retirement job. I can say this from experience since Linda, my wife, is a tour guide. She retired from teaching and guides a few hours each week. In her retirement job, she meets interesting people from all over the world. It is almost like a hobby for which she is paid.

If you are going to work for a company and guide tours, most likely, the company will have a website that does the advertising for your service so you can stop reading here.

If you are planning to be a freelance guide and offer special services and special tours of your area, a website or blog will greatly enhance your advertising. As an individual tour guide, advertising and attracting customers is your biggest challenge.

How do you attract customers? By getting the search engines to send them to you.

How do I get the search engines to send them to me? By having a website that is rated high on the search keywords for your guiding service.

How do I build a website that will do that when I don’t know much about the Internet? By using Site Build It.Your business is tour guiding, not being a webmaster. I recommend that you use Site Build It (SBI) for your website work. This will allow you to concentrate on your guiding business and let SBI do most of the work.

Do not think that all you do is push a button and your SBI site is on autopilot. The initial set up will require some hard work, but from my experience, the SBI process will lead you through finding your niche market for your guiding, naming your website, and building your site. It will then promote your site to the search engines. The search engines will send your customers to your website. Once the search engines have delivered the customer to you, it is up to you to close the deal.

I recommend that you build a service sales website to promote your guiding service.

Good Luck and Good Guiding

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