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Retirement Jobs Online contains a tremendous wealth of information which can be overwhelming if you do not take a logical, organized approach to learn this information.

This guide will help you through this process so you logically learn the information at your own pace so you can determine which of the many retirement jobs are for you.

There are many different ways to make money on the Internet (business models). To find where you best fit in the world of Internet business, you must first understand the possibilities for making money on the Internet. Then you must evaluate your talents and interests. Once you have considered these inputs, you should be able to match the correct Internet business model with your talents and interests.

This guide will help lead you through this education. Where you see this icon use the BACK ARROW on your browser to return to the previous page.

Enough discussion! Let’s proceed.

Basic Internet Education

First, let's read about Entrepreneurship. This page gives you basic focus on starting into business on the Internet and prepares your thinking for what lies ahead. It is a quick read so go there now. Click to go to Entrepreneurship

Now that we understand that we are working solo and are totally responsible for our success or failure, we need to understand a few basics about doing business on the Internet. This page will give you information about location on the Internet, traffic, exchanging money on the Net, and the all important concept of building a mailing list. Click to go to Internet Education.


No matter which of the many retirement jobs you choose on the Net, you should strongly consider publishing a blog or an online magazine (eZine). The publishing of the blog or eZine may be your full time Internet work or you may choose other Internet work. Regardless, it is proven that you will do better at whatever Internet work you choose if you communicate with your customers using a blog or an eZine.

Because publishing is such and important part of any retirement job on the Net, we will cover publishing as a basic part of your education before we get to the final job that you might select.

Let’s start with Publishing on the Net. This page will take you to other pages that cover the various ways that you can publish. Take your time and understand this subject. It is an important part of your Internet business plan. When you have completed reading about publishing, come back here to continue. Click here to begin your education about Publishing on the Net


eBay is the largest auction site on the Internet and next to Google is the most influential force on the Internet today. The next subject we will cover is eBay since it has many possibilities for several retirement jobs. eBay can be used as purely a selling site or it can be used as a site to attract traffic and help add members to your mailing list. Click here to begin your eBay education.

Ways to Make Money (Business Models)

Now that you know about publishing and eBay, let’s explore the ways to make money on the Internet from retirement jobs. When you evaluate the ways to make money on the Net, it all boils down to two methods. You can sell your own product or service and collect the profit from your own sale, or you can sell someone else’s product and collect a commission or finder’s fee from the sale.

The following two pages contain some ideas about the various ways to make money on the Internet. These are also called “business models”. Focus on these and think how your interests/talents might match some of them.

As we proceed, keep in mind that there is no law that says you cannot operate multiple business models at the same time. Many people do this. In fact, you will see the term “multiple streams of income” used on the Net. This refers to receiving income from multiple sources or business models. This is a wise business decision since it diversifies your business. If one model slows down or goes bad, you have other models to keep producing income.

Click to read about selling your own product.

Click to read about selling someone else’s product.


This concludes your education about conservative ways to make money on the Internet. This site is not designed to give you all the information in minute detail. Rather, it gives you an overview and gets you started on your own research so you can chart your quest for your ideal retirement job.

We have created a worksheet for your use to evaluate the various retirement job options that are presented in our website. Click the link below for a copy of the worksheet.

Click here for the Retirement Jobs Evaluation Worksheet

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