Retirement Calculator for After Retirement

Retirement Calculator

We have created a retirement calculator for your use. It is designed to be used upon retirement to determine how long your retirement savings will last under various conditions. You can download it free and use it to test various cases for your after retirement planning.

Use this calculator to try various cases for your retirement. Change each input to see how it impacts your Ending Balance of your retirement savings. With this tool, you can see what you should do to make your savings last as long as you do.

You can execute this retirement calculator from the Boomer-eZine website or you can download it to your own computer and use it when you want to. It is a Microsoft Excel XLS file so your will need to have Microsoft Excel on your computer.

The calculator uses macros which you will need to enable. Here is a picture of the dialog box you will see when you load the calculator. Click the "Enable Macros" button.

Enable Macro

Now that we have all the instructions out of the way, left click on the following link to execute the calculator.

Click here to run your free retirement calculator.

To download it to your computer so you can run it later, right click the above link and select “Save Target As”. You will then be presented with a “File Download” dialog box and then on top of that box will be presented a “Save As” dialog box so you can download the spreadsheet to your hard drive and run it later. Select the folder where you want the spreadsheet written. Just remember the folder name where you told the download to write it.

TIP: I have a folder named “Downloads” and I always download into that folder so I always know where the download is written. Many downloads are temporary so you can then come back and easily delete the unneeded files later since they are all in one place. Also, if a file is in ZIP format, the unzipped file is left in Downloads after you have extracted the content files and it can then be deleted.

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