Publishing on the Net
A Profitable Online Retirement Job

If you can write and have a story to tell, you can compete in the world of Internet publishing. I am witness to this statement. My university degree is in physics and math, so that degree certainly did not prepare me to write the text that you are reading. For this job, I should have been an English major. Be that as it may, you too can write and publish on the Net.

“Infopreneur” is a new term that has recently developed on the Internet to describe a person who sells information. This word is derived from the word “entrepreneur” since an infopreneur is generally considered an entrepreneur who makes money selling information on the Internet.

The job classification of infopreneur has created a totally new field on the Internet which allows individuals to use the Internet to start businesses publishing information that appeals to a specific market. The infopreneur develops traffic to his/her site by writing popular, sought after content. The infopreneur then makes money from Adsense ads on the site, affiliate links, referrals and leads, and/or selling ebooks.

This may be your full time work on the Net, or you may be supporting your eBay auction or writing to create traffic for your service business. It is an accepted fact that publishing can enhance and complement any business on the Net.

I do not want to make this sound too easy. You will have to work hard to develop a solid publication and work hard to drive traffic to it, so don’t launch off on this thinking it will be easy. However, if you work at it steadily and develop a good plan to follow, you will succeed.

Remember back to Internet Basics on the topics of Location and Traffic. You can have a great publication, but unless people read it, you will work hard and that hard work will be unrewarded. You must develop a plan for your publication and a plan to drive traffic to that publication.

Making Money with Your Publication

Unless you want to publish only for fun, the intent of publishing on the Internet is to make money. Let’s cover some ways to make money with your publication on the Net. There are many ways, so we will cover the most important ones. Click here to learn about How to Make Money with Your Publication.

Now let’s cover how to publish. Here are several ways to do this on the Net.


“Blog” stands for personal weblog. It is one of the quickest ways to get published on the Internet. Click here to go to the Blogging page for more detailed information.

Newsletter or eZine

Using email, you can easily publish a newsletter on the Internet. The production and distribution costs are low and the potential for rewards can be high. Click here for information about publishing a Newsletter or eZine.


Having a website gives you much more control over your destiny on the Internet than the other options. It tells the world that you are a serious person on the Internet. Click here to learn about publishing a Website.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS is an extension of blogging and having a website. It is a simple way to automatically notify your readers that something has changed on your blog or website and they should come visit you to read all about the new information. Click here to learn more about RSS.

This completes your education about publishing on the Net.

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