Publishing an eZine

Let's cover information about publishing an eZine. First, let’s define “eZine”. I like the Wikipedia definition.

An eZine is a periodic publication distributed by email or posted on a website.

eZine is short for electronic magazine and in the offline world this is called a newsletter. (Fancy name for a simple newsletter).

The beauty of using the Internet for publishing an ezine is the ease by which you can publish it. Email makes it a breeze to send it. You do not have to worry about supplies (paper and ink). There are virtually no distribution costs. etc.

You can choose a couple of different ways for publishing an ezine. You can send the eZine in an email and post a copy on your website or blog, or you can post the eZine on your website or blog and send an email notifying your readers that a new issue is available.

We subscribe to many eZines and most of them publish the eZine using text email with the information simultaneously posted on their website in HTML. A few days later, they publish a notice that the eZine is published on their website in case your SPAM filter ate the first email. This is a good excuse for follow up, but it is a good procedure to follow.

You can just send an email eZine and not have a website or blog. However, this will not be as effective as having past issues posted so you can point readers back to past articles for information. Also, when you post your past articles, they are on the Net for search engines to see and reference.

Using blogs is a very easy way to post past issues. Blogs are free and they are very easy to build and maintain. They require almost no technical skill to make them work. Also, changes on blogs are picked up by the search engines faster than changes on web sites.

Since I know how to build and manage a website, Linda and I chose to send our eZine by email in text format with HTML copies posted on the website. We chose text format over HTML format since there are still many potential readers who are still on the 56K modem, and we do not want them to have to wait forever for the larger HTML email to download. The copy on the website is HTML format so readers can go there and read the eZine in HTML format if they desire.

In order to make it easier for our readers to find us and for the search engines to find us, we also publish our Boomer eZine Blog at

There are some great advantages of using a blog for publishing and archiving your eZine issues.

1. It is free.

2. You do not have to worry about setting up a website.

3. Publishing an ezine on a blog is quick and easy.

4. You can include AdSense or affiliate advertising on your blog to generate revenue.

5. Setting up AdSense ads on Blogger is much easier than setting them up on your own website.

6. Readers can leave comments on the blog about your issues and interact with you.

7. Search engines see your new content faster than on your own website.

If you want to see the organization of our eZine website, click the link below. If you are not already one of our many subscribers, please sign up and join the many other Boomer who read it. The link will open up a new window for you. When you have finished looking at the Boomer eZine site, close the window to return back here.

Please come back here when you finish so we can continue your Internet education.

To learn more about publishing an ezine, study the Boomer eZine Website

This wraps up our discussion of publishing an ezine or newsletter. If you want more information about publishing an ezine, go to the Resources page (See Navigation bar on left of page) where you can download a free ebook called "Ezines 101".

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