Post Retirement Job

Looking for a post retirement job? 

Have you considered an online job on the Internet? 

Your years of work have taught you a lot about your profession.  What about sharing that knowledge with others by writing about your experience? 

For your retirement job, you can become an infopreneur.

 A what?

 Let's get a definition from Wikipedia.  It defines infopreneur as “a person whose primary business is gathering and selling electronic information.” 

You can create a blog or website about your knowledge. During your working years (before retirement), didn’t you think, “I should write a book about this".  Here is your chance and if you market it, you can make money from it. 

Become a publisher on the Internet by creating a website or a blog.  

Retirement Jobs teaches you about publishing on the Internet.  Here you can learn about blogs and websites and how to become an Internet publisher.

This website is well organized to lead you through the learning process.  Just follow the Study Guide and you will learn how to proceed with your retirement job on the Internet.

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