Open a Small, Local Bakery

My idea of the perfect retirement dream job would be opening a small, local bakery in a historic, downtown area of a city that serves delicious pastries, cookies, and cakes. Although starting a small business would be a little difficult, this is my retirement dream job because I love to bake. During retirement, I would have a lot of time to pursue that hobby while making some money to fund other leisure activities and support myself so I don't have to be a financial burden on my close relatives.

Also, I would enjoy sampling my baked goods and trying out new recipes to submit to recipe books or magazines. My bakery would be the perfect place to spend a Sunday morning during breakfast time, as it would be quaint, comfortable, and friendly. There is just something appealing about being the little old lady on the corner who owns a bakery.

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Dec 21, 2008
by: Mike Jackson

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