Mexico Retirement

Linda and I do not plan a Mexico retirement, but we consider ourselves very fortunate that we can drive to Mexico in two hours.  We really enjoy a day trip to Progresso, Mexico for shopping, drinks, and dining.  Prices in Mexico are much lower than the United States and when we shop in Mexico, our U. S. dollar really goes a long way.

Mexico Retirement Map

There are many Winter Texans who live in South Texas to escape the cold weather of the north and to enjoy the many advantages of being close to Mexico.  The medical and dental care is very good in Mexico and the cost for prescription drugs is very low.  It is almost as good as a Mexico retirement.

Interest in retiring in Mexico has increased substantially with the dramatic drop in the stock market affecting so many retirees (or soon to be retirees) 401K's and retirement savings.  The reduced value of retirement savings will last much longer in Mexico than in the U. S.

Here are some inexpensive books that can help you with your decision on a Mexico retirement.

50 Things You Must Know before You Travel To Mexico! - $19.95

Written by James Truett.  This 102-page, information-packed book contains more than 50 practical tips and recommendations so you can start saving money and enjoy your time in Mexico right from the start!

Retire In Luxury - $14.99

Written by Barbie Parks.  Retire In Luxury (now in its latest, 2007 edition) gives you the full scoop on retiring in Mexico. It's the most detailed, up-to-date book which reveals everything you need to know about retiring and living in Mexico today.

Mexico: The Trick is Living Here - $19.95

Written by Julia Taylor who lived in Mexico for seven years before she wrote this helpful ebook about the knowledge she accumulated from her experiences.  It has received some great recommendations and testimonials.

If you combine a retirement job online which is based on the U. S dollar and you live in Mexico where your cost of living is based on the peso, you can live quite well.

Good luck with your  retirement in Mexico or wherever you decide to retire.


Mexico Retirement

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