Jobs After Retirement

Finding the Right One

Why are so many people considering jobs after retirement?

It might be to take the pressure off their retirement savings. Do you know that a retirement job can substantially prolong your retirement savings?

Jobs After Retirement Calculator


You have a $300,000 nest egg put away for retirement. It is invested at a moderate rate which is yielding a 7-percent return for five years. You elect to leave it alone and research jobs after retirement to find the job for you. You find a part time job that pays your basics and you leave your retirement savings alone. At the end of five years, your retirement savings is now worth $420,765. You now decide if you are going to continue to work, or start drawing on your retirement savings.

Another reason for looking at a retirement job is the activity and challenge. Some people rapidly become bored with retirement and want to “get back in it”. This person can find an “eight to five" job or a home based job.

If you want an “eight to five" job, take a look at or or search for “jobs after retirement”. If you are looking for a home based job with a flexible schedule, this website can help you find your job. Keep reading.

The Internet offers so many different options.

Consultant - Jobs After Retirement

You might want to be a consultant. Did you know that this is the number one choice of retiring Boomers from a survey taken by Merrill Lynch? It is a perfect job for many retirees since they have learned so much during their careers and now it is time to cash in on that knowledge.

If you aspire to become a consultant, you need to use the Internet to build that new career. This website can help you get started.

eBay - jobs after retirement

Perhaps you have heard about eBay and you want to learn to sell items on eBay and build an auction business. This is a very common retirement job.

You can start to clean out the house in preparation for downsizing and sell your excess items on eBay.

This website is filled with information about using the Internet for jobs after retirement. It is well organized and has a guide to lead you through it.

Find more information about jobs after retirement by clicking here

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