Introduction to eBay
as a Retirement Job Online

In this introduction to eBay, we will discuss eBay and how it might fit your idea of your ideal retirement job.

eBay is probably the best known Internet business. It bills itself as “The World's Online Marketplace"®.

You probably already know about eBay, and possibly you are already a member.

eBay can offer many opportunities for a retirement job online and there are many ways to use eBay that we will cover later in other topics.

You can work full time on eBay and create a full time job, or you can choose to limit your auctions and not knock yourself out running your business (or having your business run you).

The high volume sellers on eBay are called eBay Power Sellers, and in my opinion, they are almost prisoners of their businesses. They must be there to post auctions, answer emails from potential buyers, and ship the products when the auctions close. When you consider eBay for a retirement job, consider how hard you want to work and how much flexibility you want in your schedule.

A possible way to sell on eBay and still have plenty of personal time is to schedule to sell for a few weeks and then take a few weeks off so you do not have any auctions running and you do not have to worry about shipping for a few weeks.

If you are not a member of eBay, click on the following link to go to eBay and register as a member. Registration is free. You should start to use eBay as part of your daily Internet life. This link will open a new window. To return here to continue your education, close the eBay window. Registration Link for Additional Introduction to eBay

If you are already a member of eBay, you should consider opening a second eBay account for your online business. eBay allows an individual to have multiple accounts. If you become a seller on eBay, you stand a chance of receiving negative feedback from vindictive people even though you try your best to please them. Also, you might inadvertently do something that would cause eBay to close your account.

It is best to keep your selling and buying accounts separate so you can protect your good feedback on your buying site.

As part of your introduction to eBay, we are going to continue with your education about eBay. You must be a member of eBay to take advantage of this education so if you have been procrastinating, go ahead and join so we can get on with the program.

There are many facets of eBay for us to cover and I have broken this down and created two separate pages for your education. Click on the next link to start your basic education about eBay.

Basic eBay Education

Now that you have finished your introduction to eBay, you are ready for the advanced education, click on the following link to continue.

Advanced eBay Education Well, that wraps up our introduction to eBay. It is a great site for attracting a lot of traffic. It can be used well to sell products if you want to build your retirement career around eBay. Many people do just that. The latest statistic I have read says that over 40,000 people make a full time living on eBay. You can do as these people have and join the eBayers on the Net.

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