Internet Education - Selling Your Own Product or Service

To further your Internet education,let's explore selling products or services for others.

If you have a product or service that you make or provide,you have a major part of the battle won.  Ifyou do not, then you can use your imagination and create one. 

Several years ago, I invented a product to help huntersfind their way back to their hunting trucks. Now before you fall out of your chair laughing at this, try stompingthrough the deep woods at night following coon hunting dogs. Then try to find your way back to your truck in the dark.

I sell this device called BackTracker® to coon hunters. It is not a high volume business, but it does create a steady income withminimal effort.  Now, if you have stoppedlaughing, go to to see my site for this business.

Turn a Hobby into a Business 

If you have a hobby where you create items, considerselling these on the Net.  Manyretirees have turned a hobby into an online business.

Do You Have a Skill to Sell?

Do you have a skill that you might be able to sell tosomeone else?  Programmer, graphicartist, lawyer (provide services for website disclaimers and other legalrequirements of the Internet).  Yousay, “I am retired and that was my full time job. Why should I want to do that?”  Well,perhaps you would enjoy continuing your profession on your own more casualschedule.  You can control thatschedule on the Net.

Provide a Service 

How about providing a service for someone? I have heard of someone converting old long playing records (33 RPM) toCD, DVD, or MP3 format.  One of thelatest that I heard of was a man who created a video on how to make a chickenhouse (chicken coop) and was selling the video on eBay. Again, before you laugh, he was selling a steady stream of these videos. Another popular video I saw was “How to Bar-B Q Great Ribs”.

Create Your Own Product

You might create your own e-Good. This can be an ebook that you might write or create and have someone elsewrite for you (ghost writer).  If youare a programmer, you might develop a program or script to make other’s liveseasier. 

Use a Drop-Shipper 

You can set up what is called a “drop-ship”relationship and sell hard goods provided by the drop-shipper. This is where you make arrangements with the company that provides thedrop-shipping service.  You make thesale for the product at the retail price and collect the payment. You pass the company the order.  Thecompany processes the order and ships to your customer. You pay the company the wholesale price for the product and keep thedifference as your gross profit.  Younever have any inventory in your possession.

Create a Local Service in Your Community  

You might want to combine the advertising of the Net with aservice that you would provide in your local community. Ideas for these services are shopping services, pet sitting at theowner’s house while they are away, and organizing birthday parties. I am certain that you could think of others if this type of businessappeals to you. 

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