My Gift - A Free eZine Book for Your Education

I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of this free eZine book. It is well worth your time to read it if you think that publishing a newsletter might be of interest.

Creating an eZine is a challenge, but if you have a message to give to other people, you will find it fun and rewarding. I could write volumes about this topic, but I think that you will learn more by reading this free ezine book. It is called “Ezines 101” or “How to get Started as an Ezine Publisher”. It is a collection of articles by several well known eZine publishers or eZine experts.

I read this book several times before we launched Boomer eZine and I still use it as a reference. Some of the links in it are broken, but the links to the important, better known sites are still good.

You can read this free ezine book from the Boomer-eZine website or you can download it to your own computer and read it when you want to. It is an Adobe PDF file so your will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer.

This link will open a new window so to return back here, close the window when you are finished.

To read it from the website, left click this link.

Click here to get Your Free eZine Book

To download it to your computer, right click the above link and select “Save Target As”.

You will then be presented with a “File Download” dialog box and then on top of that box will be presented a “Save As” dialog box so you can download the eBook to your hard drive and read or print it later. Select the folder where you want the eBook written. Just remember the folder name where you told the download to write it.

TIP: I have a folder named “Downloads” and I always download into that folder so I always know where the download is written. Many downloads are temporary so you can then come back and easily delete the unneeded files later since they are all in one place. Also, if a file is in ZIP format, the unzipped file is left in Downloads after you have extracted the content files and it can then be deleted.

If you have any inclination to publish an eZine, I think you will really enjoy this book. Good reading!

A great resource for almost any subject on the Internet is eZine This collection of articles covers a multitude of subjects. The following link will open a new window and take you to a special section devoted to eZines.

I highly recommend that you spend some time reading articles about eZines at this site. It will round out your eZine education.

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