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The eBay Learning Center is a well kept secret. Many people buy “how to” books about eBay before they really spend time on the eBay website. This is a total waste of time and money since eBay has a great education program.

I highly recommend that you spend a few hours reading the various topics, viewing the videos, and taking the courses that are offered. I have included a screenshot of the page. Notice all the help that you can get. There is no reason to spend money for basic eBay education at this stage. Get quality education from the source – eBay. Click on the picture to go to the eBay Learning Center page. This will open a new window in your browser. To return and continue your education, close the eBay window.

Screen shot of eBay Learning Center Page

If you missed the link on the picture, Click here to go to the eBAy Learning Center.
This information should keep you busy for a few days. If it does not, you are not doing your homework.

eBay is a large, many faceted business and you need to take time to learn as much about it as you can. It will serve you well as you move toward becoming an online entrepreneur.

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