Consultant/Trainer in Remote Influencing (RI)

by Anand Sule
(Luton , UK)

My name is Anand Sule (you can Google me for more info about myself). I had lived in the USA for 16 yrs - Sunnyvale California, the silicon valley. I am 42 now. I had to leave the USA in 06 due to bad health troubles. I am now residing in the UK. I had lived in the UK before I had moved to the USA.

I have just had my first self-help book self-published through a USA based co. My book deals with a system of RI that I have developed. I had learned RI while I lived in Sunnyvale.

My dream job would be as a consultant/trainer/coach in RI. I would love to come back to the States and do this work. I sense more opportunities for this type of work in America. Or, I would like to work in this area and work in the USA and the UK. I have to say that I really like this web site. It gives older people great ideas and inspiration etc.

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