Clerking in a Bookstore

by Karen

I have always thought that the ideal retirement dream job would be that of a bookstore clerk. Now, I don't mean in one of the big chain stores, as those are much too crowded and busy for my dream job. I'm talking about a smaller, independently owned bookstore in a smaller community. The skills required for this job are not difficult. Just having some experience with retail and customer service is most of what is required.

The reason I dream of clerking in a bookstore when I retire is the thought of sitting in a quiet place filled with books and feeling so much at home there. During the week an occasional reader might stop by for a short chat about his reading preferences, maybe he asks me to look up a book to order if we don't carry what he's looking for. I'd have a hot, fresh pot of coffee in a corner with a small grouping of chairs and a table for those who want to stay awhile and browse.

And during the day when I have no customers, I picture myself with a steaming cup of java and reading a book at leisure. That is my ideal retirement dream job.

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