Children's Library Worker

by Nancy
(Madison, WI)

I've always loved books, but my job in academia made them seem serious and stern, instead of like joyful sources of wonder.

When I was a teenager, many years ago, I worked in a library, and I would occasionally be allowed to put away the books in the children's section, or to help a child select a book to bring home. There's such a contrast between the serious adult section of the library, with tax guidance and political thrillers, and the children's section, which can even contain movies and educational games.

In my retirement, I'd love to spend a few hours a week as a children's librarian, helping children to pick out books that suit their individual wants and needs. It would be particularly fun to conduct story times, reading a chapter of a novel or a few picture books to an assembled group of children.

With this retirement job, I could still be involved with books, but from a different angle.

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