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I used to tell our readers that the best advanced eBay education came from reading books about eBay, but now there is an even more powerful tool available.

Jim Cockrum, eBay Expert

Jim Cockrum, a living eBay legend, has created a members-only website to provide help with eBay. Jim is a laid back guy who is an expert on eBay and how to use it to make money. He has been selling on eBay since 1997.

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay

What gives Jim the right to be called a “living legend”? Well, I’ll tell you. Jim’s book, “The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay”, has been in the top ten best selling items in ClickBank for several years. When I last checked, it was number 10 (out of over 10,000 items). ClickBank is the marketplace where e-products are sold on the Net.

Not only did Jim write this book and several others, He has been publishing "The Creative eBay Selling Newsletter" for several years. This newsletter has the largest circulation of any eBay related newsletter .... over 100,000 subscribers. I personally subscribe to Jim’s free newsletter and I strongly recommend it to you.

Jim’s newsletter readers asked him to start a members-only site for in depth eBay education. With mounting encouragement from his readers, Jim finally created his members-only site.

The great news about this site is that not only does Jim actively participate on the website, he has recruited a large group of eBay and Internet experts to serve as his “Expert Team” on the website. I am honored to serve on “The Team”.

In the upper corner of Jim’s home page you will see this graphic which will take you on a video tour of the site.

Click forTour of Jim's Site

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Click on the "Take the FREE tour" graphic above or on the link below to take the tour and continue your advanced eBay education.

For your advanced eBay education,
click here to take the tour.

While you are working on your advanced eBay education, complete it by signing up for his free, "The Creative eBay Selling Newsletter".

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Click here to sign up for Jim's "The Creative eBay Selling Newsletter"

As a wrap up, let me tell you a little of what I learned about Jim when I met him and attended his classes. He is a quality person and very much a family man. He and his wife, Andrea, have four sons, two of whom are adopted from foreign countries. Jim and Andrea provide a free counseling service to couples who want to adopt children from foreign countries.

That concludes our information for your advanced eBay education.

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