PBS Retirement Videos

PBS has produced some excellent PBS retirement videos. You know if it is by PBS, it is a quality product.

Ready for Retirement - Retirement Income Interview

In this video, Cecil Hemmingway of Aon Consulting and Laurence Kotlikoff, Economics Professor from Boston University are interviewed about the methods they use for planning for retirement.

Mr. Hemmingway's firm uses the income replacement method for calculating the amount of income that a person will need in retirement. Dr. Kotlikoff is a proponent of the life cycle theory of saving which had been developed by economists.

Dr. Kotlikoff states that the income replacement method can cause the projected amount of savings to be five times what it actually needs to be. This can cause people to invest in risky investments to try to achieve this inflated goal.

This video covers this controversial topic well.

Video length 9:53

Ready for Retirement - When to Retire?

This video address the various options that retirees have when considering when to start taking social security. Is it better to start at 62 or wait until 70? Watch and see.

Video length 4:15

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