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Retirement Jobs

Retirement jobs - a great way to lower the savings you need in retirement and to keep yourself physically active and mentally alert. 

Stock Market Drop

Just when it appeared that the stock market had recovered from the dreadful dot com crash in 2008, the 2011 debt crisis sparked another significant drop in market value.  The value of our retirement investments dropped along with the decline in the  market.

A job in retirement becomes an important option to supplement your reduced retirement savings. The economy is still recovering and a job is still a great way to earn additional income.

Did you know that a retirement job earning $1,000 per month equals the interest income from retirement savings of $240,000 invested at five (5) percent?

For many people the walk down Retirement Lane looks a little farther away than it did in early 2011.  If that includes you, Retirement Jobs Online can help you find that job so you can stay on your retirement schedule.

Picture of Retirement

This website will shorten your research on this subject.  It contains information about all the legitimate, conservative jobs available on the Internet.

The major benefit of this site -- you do not have to search all over the Internet to learn about online retirement jobs.

Before you continue looking for your job, have you checked to make certain that you are receiving your maximum Social Security benefits?  The AARP estimates that $10.1 billion in benefits go unclaimed each year because seniors do not know how to properly claim spousal benefits.  Read our personal story about how we almost missed out on $33,500 in spousal benefits.  Make sure you don't do the same thing.

NEW! If you are looking for a traditional, office 8 - 5 type job, we have added a Retirement Job Search in collaboration with Prime CB, the division of Career Builder specializing in jobs for senior, more experienced clients.

If you are looking for options for a non-traditional retirement job, to be really successful you should include the Internet in your retirement business planning. This applies if you intend to use the Net  “online” such as selling on eBay, or if you intend to use it as part of an “offline” job such as consultant, B&B Owner, or to support your new business that you are going to start when you retire.

When you use the Internet as part of your retirement job, you maximize your chances of success.

There are two tracks that you can follow in this website to gain the information that you need.  

Track One is for people who are considering a full time online job on the Internet.

Track Two is for people who are considering an offline job, but want to use the Internet to support and enhance that offline job.  If this is your goal, click here to continue.

Begin Track One

All the important Internet online job information is consolidated HERE.

This website covers:

·         Basic Internet Education

·         Working on eBay

·         Affiliate Marketing

·         Google Adwords

·         Pay Per Click Marketing

·         Publishing on the Internet

·         Making Money with Your Publication

·         Building a Website

·         Building a Blog

·         Publishing an Ezine (Online Magazine)

·         Selling Your Own Products

·         Selling Others Products

You know that thousands of people are using the Internet in their retirement.  Why not include it in yours?

You can earn a nice supplement to your retirement income from your investments and Social Security .... And you can have some fun in the process.

Click Here to Begin Your Research of Online Retirement Jobs  

Begin Track Two

The information in this table came from a survey conducted in 2006 by Merrill Lynch that determined the jobs that Baby Boomers wanted most in retirement.  Click the links for more information about how to use the Internet as part of your retirement job.

Retirement Job


Links for More Information


Sell Yourself as a Consultant
Teacher/Professor/Teacher Assistant


Student communication
Customer Greeter


Not Applicable
Tour Guide


If you are a freelance guide, advertise your services
Retail Sales Clerk


Non Applicable
Finance / Accounting (Net)


Advertise your Services
Home Handyman


Sell Yourself Locally
Innkeeper, B&B Owner or Manager


Advertise Your Establishment
Security Screener


Not Applicable
Real Estate Agent


Advertise Yourself
Arts / Crafts Related (Net)


Sell Your Own Products
Computer / Internet Related


Online Jobs
Interior Designer


Advertise Your Business
Home Care Assistant


Not Applicable

Yes, I know. The percentages do not add up to 100%.  This is taken directly from the study at http://www.ml.com/media/66482.pdf.

Whatever type of job you seek, I wish you luck in your retirement endeavors.  

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